Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Matchbook Is Here!

The July issue of Matchbook, one of my favorite online magazines, is out.

Source: None via Matchbook on Pinterest

I can't wait to dig in!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Someday We'll Find It: The IKEA Connection

As a card-carrying hugger of trees and lover of the planet, I am loath to admit it, but I love to shop. And when I get together with Beth, we give new meaning to the phrase “shop til you drop.” This past weekend at IKEA was no exception.

A marathon shopping day this past weekend included, but was not limited to, four hours at the modern design mecca. Beth needed some new throws and was in search of the perfect curtains for her dining room, while I was looking for entryway storage and planter pots for the balcony.

Did either of us need a frog prince pillow? No, but how adorable is this one? Neither of us was in the market for a room divider but we each found one we loved, albeit in completely different styles. A discussion about eco frying pans led us to the kitchenwares department, where I discovered the cutest design ever seen on such a practical item.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

An Anthropological Study

To kick off this blog, Jana and I got together and did what we do best—we went shopping! I drove up north to check out her awesome new apartment, and naturally we had to buy some things for it. The day started at Ikea (Jana will tell you all about that soon), then we headed over to Fourth Street in Berkeley for our Anthropologie fix.

A typical trip to Anthro involves us exclaiming, "That's so cute!" more times than anyone should ever say in a lifetime. And this trip was no exception.

Anthropologie may be partially to blame for my owl obsession. But really, when the cookie jars are this cute (there's that word again!), how can I resist?

Monday, June 27, 2011

This Cat, That Room

Welcome to the first installment of "This (Pet), That Room." The idea behind this series is to see how a pet and a room match up, whether because of color or style—or just my whim.

Kitten via Desire to Inspire; living room via

This white, long-haired cutie is named Pumpernickel. Long-haired cats shed quite a bit. By putting Pumpernickel in a light-colored room, you won't see cat fur everywhere. That doesn't mean you don't have to clean up after her, just not as often.

This also works on another level. The living room decor is softly colored and elegant, and so is Pumpernickel. I can just imagine her curled up on the back of the sofa, looking out the window at birds flying by, or snuggled up in front of the fireplace licking her paws after dinner on a chilly evening.

What do think? Do you match your pet to your room? Or is that just too fussy? And isn't Pumpernickel the cutest?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm a Little Bit Boho, She's a Little Bit Modern Classic

Design Between Friends was borne out of the same spirit that drew the two of us together over a dozen years ago: An appreciation for each other’s style of living.

At the newspaper where we worked, it seemed unlikely that we’d find each other. She wore cute little suits with heels to work; I wore Birkenstocks. Our personalities were (and still are) different too: I’m a little louder, she more reserved but smart as hell. I think she admired my confidence and my zest, while I loved her style and thoughtfulness.

I remember the first time I invited her over to my apartment. We were both in our 20s then, and I was so proud of my papasan chair and futon covered with Mexican blankets. When I saw her place a few weeks later, with the “real” furniture and a color scheme, I was so embarrassed. I didn’t see our friendship lasting.

Yet here we are, oh so many years later, proud presidents of one another’s fan clubs. We’re BFFs who’ve seen each other through thick (me) and thin (her), disastrous loves, then marriages, first homes, layoffs, second homes, foreclosure, more layoffs, new jobs, the sheer joy of nieces and nephews, and growing our families with “children” of the furry persuasion.

Over the years, our taste has evolved and so has our friendship. Through it all, and with every move, we’ve always shared genuine excitement at the prospect of decorating a new space. She’s in the process of updating her three-bedroom home, and I recently downsized to an apartment, where I’m relearning the ups and downs of urban living.

And although we’re a four-hour drive away (five if she’s driving), we’ll do it together and share it with you. We hope you enjoy the journey.