Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Someday We'll Find It: The IKEA Connection

As a card-carrying hugger of trees and lover of the planet, I am loath to admit it, but I love to shop. And when I get together with Beth, we give new meaning to the phrase “shop til you drop.” This past weekend at IKEA was no exception.

A marathon shopping day this past weekend included, but was not limited to, four hours at the modern design mecca. Beth needed some new throws and was in search of the perfect curtains for her dining room, while I was looking for entryway storage and planter pots for the balcony.

Did either of us need a frog prince pillow? No, but how adorable is this one? Neither of us was in the market for a room divider but we each found one we loved, albeit in completely different styles. A discussion about eco frying pans led us to the kitchenwares department, where I discovered the cutest design ever seen on such a practical item.

Don’t worry, we didn’t buy any of those things. But we did have a great time examining each item and in my case, guessing the reaction I’d get from my husband if I brought them home (especially the cutesy frying pans!).

For the record, Beth is much, much more restrained than I. Her husband is very laid back and wouldn’t care if she came home with hundreds of dollars worth of things they don’t really need, but she keeps herself in check. For me, having a husband who gives me a hard time about my consumerist ways is a good thing. It’s not that I’m wasteful, I just tend to be a little on the impulsive side.

Anyway, after we took a break to sample the swedish meatballs (yum), spinach crepes (we don’t recommend these), and a slice of chocolate cake (divine), we ultimately ended up with a relatively small booty.

Beth got her two throws and a lovely turquoise blue glass vase; I found a runner for my dining room table, two planters and some plastic drawer organizers. The Expedit unit I picked out for my entryway was too heavy for us to lift, so I’ll have to go back with my husband and possibly a hand truck.

So IKEA, I’ll probably be seeing you again soon. It won’t be as fun without Beth (don’t tell my husband), but hopefully she’ll come for another visit before long.

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