Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm a Little Bit Boho, She's a Little Bit Modern Classic

Design Between Friends was borne out of the same spirit that drew the two of us together over a dozen years ago: An appreciation for each other’s style of living.

At the newspaper where we worked, it seemed unlikely that we’d find each other. She wore cute little suits with heels to work; I wore Birkenstocks. Our personalities were (and still are) different too: I’m a little louder, she more reserved but smart as hell. I think she admired my confidence and my zest, while I loved her style and thoughtfulness.

I remember the first time I invited her over to my apartment. We were both in our 20s then, and I was so proud of my papasan chair and futon covered with Mexican blankets. When I saw her place a few weeks later, with the “real” furniture and a color scheme, I was so embarrassed. I didn’t see our friendship lasting.

Yet here we are, oh so many years later, proud presidents of one another’s fan clubs. We’re BFFs who’ve seen each other through thick (me) and thin (her), disastrous loves, then marriages, first homes, layoffs, second homes, foreclosure, more layoffs, new jobs, the sheer joy of nieces and nephews, and growing our families with “children” of the furry persuasion.

Over the years, our taste has evolved and so has our friendship. Through it all, and with every move, we’ve always shared genuine excitement at the prospect of decorating a new space. She’s in the process of updating her three-bedroom home, and I recently downsized to an apartment, where I’m relearning the ups and downs of urban living.

And although we’re a four-hour drive away (five if she’s driving), we’ll do it together and share it with you. We hope you enjoy the journey.

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