Monday, July 11, 2011

For the Love of Windsor

Veranda's House of Windsor showcase house is open for touring in LA's Mandeville Canyon through July 17. The lead designer and namesake is Windsor Smith, whose work I've only recently come to know and love.

Her casual, classic, feminine aesthetic is showcased her own Brentwood home, below. She just might be my design soul mate. There's even a dog!

                                                    Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

                                    Source: via Beth on Pinterest

The LA Times visited the House of Windsor and has pictures.

                                                   Source: via Kathy on Pinterest

Windsor's entry hall for the showcase house is perfect—open, bright and elegantly welcoming. And her ingenious design can pull double duty, serving as a dining room for the "six days of a year when you actually throw a huge dinner party." I like that she's rooted in reality—even if her reality in the world of high-end Los Angeles homes isn't exactly the reality I know.

Other designers taking part include "Million Dollar Decorators" alums Kathryn Ireland and Martyn Lawrence-Bullard. I don't quite get Martyn's over-the-top "man cave" (I don't like the idea of man caves in general, and this one is vertigo-inducing!), but I love him anyway.

Part of the proceeds from the tour benefit two children's charities, P.S. Arts and the Children's Action Network.

How I wish I could visit the house, but with dogs to deal with and "carmageddon" approaching, it just won't work for me. But if you can make it, let us know what you think!

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  1. I love Windsor Smith's ability to create overwhelmingly chic yet comfortable spaces. Something about her spaces just "feel" like home. Such a gift!

    Live Inspired,


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