Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Looks Like a Million

I'm a design show junkie. HGTV is my go-to channel when nothing else is on. I've seen every episode of every Sarah Richardson, Candice Olson, Emily Henderson and John Gidding show there is—often more than once. And I'm so excited that tonight I get to start flipping out again with Jeff and Jenni over on Bravo.

But when Bravo started touting its latest entry in the deco porn genre, "Million Dollar Decorators," I wasn't interested. I'm turned off by huge egos and conspicuous consumption. I mean, really, even the promo shot is pretentious:

So I missed the first episode.

But then I caught part of the second one and was intrigued. By the third episode I was a regular viewer, and now I'm officially hooked.

The fifth show is my favorite so far. Maybe that's because there was very little of Mary McDonald (the woman has an enviable wardrobe, but she really grates). Or maybe it was because there was lots of Ross (yum!). Or the fact the Martyn's client that week was the gorgeous Daisy Fuentes and not the appalling Joe Francis (I seriously think I need a tetanus shot after just watching him on TV). Or that I love just about everything about Kathryn Ireland—especially her housekeeper, Jacqueline. Or that all the designers have cute dogs.

Whatever the reason, you know where you can find me on Tuesdays at 10—in front of the TV getting my design fix.

Come on, admit it—you like "Million Dollar Decorators" too. Who's your favorite designer?

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