Friday, July 1, 2011

Mad About Missoni

Target hasn't released any pictures yet, but here are some "real" Missoni items that would be great for the Target collection.

Hellooooooooo, rich hippies!

That billboard for the new retro Volkswagen Beetle released in the late '90s made me giggle every time I saw it. I hadn't thought about it for a while, but it came to mind recently when I was reading about Missoni.

As the daughter of hippies (the regular kind), and one with hippie tendencies, I have always found myself drawn to Missoni's rich colors, bold chevrons and stripes, and irreverent designs that just seem to ooze personality and bohemian spirit. Of course I don’t own anything from the legendary fashion house, and am not likely to since I could never justify spending $250 on a towel – no matter how gorgeous!

Enter Target and their brilliantly conceived campaign to bring taste and style to the masses. I call these collaborations brilliant because they work with some pretty great designers to offer gorgeous wares at prices that normal people can afford.

Previous favorites of mine have included the Liberty of London and Orla Kiely collections. I have a few carefully chosen items from each line.  But I'm afraid with Missoni for Target, Beth might have to stage some sort of intervention. I can just picture me on Sept. 13 (yes, I’ve memorized the date AND put it on my calendar) with a basket overflowing with Missoni towels, cups and dishes, brightly patterned chairs, a sumptuous pouf, a new bedspread (I really do need one of those) with matching pillows, etc.

Since I am much more likely to buy a cute outfit for my living room than myself, it’s the home collection that I’m excited about. But if they make any bags, all bets are off.

Maybe Target will do me a solid and botch the collection, so that only a few of the items end up being worth having. I mean really, a pattern designed for bone china translated to melamine? That can’t be a good idea. Yeah, that’s it. The collection will suck and my pocketbook will be saved.

Ha, who am I kidding? Target knows its stuff and they especially know how to get me to part with my hard-earned money. That’s it. We’re doomed. I’ll go to hell in a handbasket. But at least that handbasket will be lined with Missoni.

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